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Why name your band The Grizwalds?  Because once you hear it, you never forget it.


And The Grizwalds make sure that once you hear their power-packed sets of party tunes from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today, you’ll never forget their music either.


The band started in Santa Clarita, CA, in 2007 when guitarist Mike Butkovic, bassist Vance Giovinazzo and singer Jeff Meyer decided to part ways with the band Close Call and start a new group focused on creating a high-energy show for audiences.


Soon drummer Frankie Martinez, keyboard player Karyn Dale and later well-traveled singer/guitarist/keyboardist Nils Lawrence rounded out the band as it began performing at bars, charity events and private parties in the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys of California.


It didn’t take long for the band to capture the attention of music lovers throughout Southern California.  The band has played at the opening of the Los Angeles Marathon, opened for the Lt. Dan Band on the USS Midway in San Diego and performed at corporate events for such national organizations as Thrivent Financial, Nestle, Family Promise and the WiSH Education Foundation in Santa Clarita.


The Grizwalds sound cuts across a variety of genres from rock and pop, to disco, R&B, reggae, hip hop and even country, when organizers are asking for it.


The band is a throw back to a time when music was presented as a show.  There’s no down time in between songs at a Grizwalds show.  The sound you hear when you come to a Grizwalds show is like music from an iPod – one after another after another with no time for dancers to leave the floor!


A highlight of almost any evening is when the band plays an entire set of disco and R&B that gets everyone in the room dancing, including the band!

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Band Members

Sum of Talented Parts

Made up of exceptional musicians coming from a variety of different backgrounds, the members of The Grizwalds share a mutual passion and love for the creation of music and the role music plays bringing joy to a party or venue. The band works hard to make their performances a good time and a memorable show.  Check out the faces that make up The Grizwalds below.

Mike Butkovic

Nils Lawrence

Jeff Meyer

Karyn Dale

Frankie Martinez

Vance Giovinazzo

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